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After spending nearly 10 years making journal entries on my website I'm bringing the journal to a close. Now, if you want to find out what I'm thinking, feeling, writing, doing etc. join me on social media. I'd love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  




Thanks for understanding. Simply copy or write down the web addresses. Sea you there!!!! :-) 

Peace and Much Love ALL ways,

Island Mountain Pat 

Jan. 2, 2015
HELLO HELLO HELLO, I hope this day finds you well and wonderful. I'm chilling by the fire in my cabin thankful NEW YEARS 2015 is underway. Been writing lots of song the last couple years and they all on my youtube.com/patrileys channel. Oh, the big news... a few of my songs are  playing on Pandora now, just search for Island Mountain Pat radio, you'll be glad you did. Until next time, PEACE. If you want to friend me on Facebook.com/patrileys or follow me on Twitter.com/songrider please feel free. 

NOV. 4th 2014

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWELL, been on a roll lately with the songwriting. Gifts from God. I need at least one of my songs to land and make me some money. Everybody has to earn a living. Please help if you can by sharing my youtube page or one of your favorite songs. Thanks for understanding. Peace & love ALL WAYS. Island Mountain Pat ~ 

Sept. 16, 2014

 Today is my birthday and I'm as old as the universe itself, some 13.6 billion years. :-) YEAH! I must thank GOD and my parents for this gift of life. It's been one wonderful journey for the most part. I wish everyone in the world PEACE, health, and harmony. Sincerely, I can't complain. However, I continue to write songs and make posts on Facebook trying to help others understand liberty and justice for ALL in the world, so forgive me if it appears negative at times. This WAR stuff kills me! We can do better, we can orbit up to a civilized humanity. No more tail wagging the dog, power to the peaceful. 

On another note ~ I hope you make time to enjoy some of my 500+ Youtube videos that I've spent the last 7 years of my life sharing. All good, All God. Love You! Island Mountain Pat  

AUG 24, 2014

Hello there!!!! Hope you are well. I've been doing more songwriting than usual this past month or two, as a matter of FACT, I don't know of any other indie singer songwriter that has more Youtube videos of original music than me. Not bragging, just stating a fact as I see it. I realize there is a group of say 400 songwriters (guessing) who are employed by labels and publishing houses to write 5 days per week and their songs general stay in house, not to be shared on Youtube. So, that leaves me, to my knowledge out in front. Besides most of Nashville songwriters seem to be writing the say kind of sexy/party songs, all copying the latest HIT song on country radio. Well, I am so sick of all the songs sounding the same, no real content, just sexy/party songs. That's it! I'm not playing that game. I am writing songs that matter, that can make a difference in making this world a healthier more peaceful and loving place for all life on this beautiful planet. I'd appreciate your support in watching my videos and/or purchasing my albums. All available on itunes etc.


Outside of song writing I'm doing ok, thinking I'm getting ready to transition somehow someway into ?????? I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy my Youtube playlists, my songs, try and remember to like, subscribe and share. The songs are for YOU, take care and happy trails. Love ALL ways, Island Mountain Pat

JUNE 9, 2014 Hello, Hello, Hello, How are you doing my friend? I do hope you are well, keeping your head above water, eating well, getting some exercise and taking care of your health are you? Remember no health, no wealth :-) Life is sure like a roller coaster isn't it? and it's like a box of chocolates too I guess, never know how sweet the next day is going to be. I've been well, been spending alot of time with my lady friend Jan, she has been a wonderful addition to my life, takes good care of this old man, helps to inspire my music, we have fun playing, learning about what makes the world tick, stumble and turn. So it is, I have no regrets, I stand ready for anything and everything. Peace~ ps. I'm looking forward to a performance at a Holly Creek marina in July on Dale Hollow Lake with one of my co-writers Donny Barthelemy. Part of our pay is getting the keys to a 64 ft. houseboat for a few days. How sweet is that? I'm sure there will be at least one video to result from that trip. Yahoo! Be well, stay curious and thanks for visiting my website. Peace ALL ways! Island Mountain Pat

ALL IS WELL and I HOPE THE SAME FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. Here's some of the news: I have hard CD copies now of my latest WATER SONGS double album called "Boats, Beaches & Babes". Also I received this announcement this album has been accepted by PANDORA satellite radio and will soon be airing. I have several Youtube Playlists now so you can hear 20 + songs in a row with one click. Take good care and remember all life is spiritual not just human beings. ;-) Island Mountain Pat ~ Peace, Love & Sandy Feet



FEB. 7, 2014

Hello Everybody Hello! Hope all is well in your world.Well, I just finished a phone interview with THE TIDE RADIO KTDE in Northern California, Mendocino County to be exact. According to New York Times it's one of the top 3 the best places to visit in the world 2014. The host the show was Les Tarr and the interview air date I believe is Feb. 14 that's Valentines Day/Night. Cool aye? I'll post details on my Facebook page at facebook.com/patrileys once I receive notification.

On another note, been spending quality time in sunny Southern California with family and friends. Glad I'm not in Tennessee where it's been so cold, wet and snowy the last month. Been writing more than normal, 3 new songs in the last 3 days and about 10 in the last month, all can be heard on my Youtube channel at: patrileys Remember I have a SWEEEET new WATER SONGS double album out now called "Boats, Beaches and Babes" a must have for all you water lovers. Peace ~ Till next time ~ Island Mountain Pat ~ 


JAN. 12, 2014
HELLO my friends .....
How is life treating you? I sure hope you are keeping your chin up and taking steps toward living your dreams. Right now I'm visiting with family and friends. Nice way to start off the new year. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year I haven't made a resolution yet, but I always try to keep it simple, have fun, and to live a peaceful life. I plan to keep promoting my latest album of WATER SONGS "Boats, Beaches & Babes". Summer of 2014 will be here before we know it and I'd love for water lovers around the world to enjoy my music while being by the water. A MUST HAVE! Yep! I've got a few more albums planned but don't have any timelines or details as to how I'm going to proceed. Haven't been playing the guitar much but have dabbled with some song ideas. Until next month, be well and do good work. Island Mountain Pat ~ Thanks for visiting my website~

DEC. 8, 2013 Update: Well, all is well here. How about there? With you? What's news? Hope it's Good News! Sitting in log cabin by Center Hill Lake in Tn. watching it rain, nearly snowing, and it's SUNDAY. Just finished creating another Facebook page and this one is called SINGER SONGWRITER CO OP. I invited hundreds of singer songwriters to like the page and I encourage them all to share their music there. It's just another avenue and who knows maybe someday there will be hundreds, thousands or millions of singer songwriters on there and we will be able to open a radio station on Sirius or XM and compete with the major record labels. As usual, it's in God's hand ultimately.

On another note, been walking, doing a little songwriting, digesting Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas and New Years. Got a few more albums planned. More Island Mountain YOUTUBE Playlist created. Good Stuff ... It's almost like listening to an album vs. one song. Creates a bigger and better picture of a persons musical talents. Well, do take care and remember I've got a new double album out of ALL WATER SONGS called Boats, Beaches & Babes. It's some of my BEST work to date, very focused and relaxing, a MUST HAVE for any WATER LOVER who enjoys music. PEACE&LOVEVERYBODY Island Mountain Pat ~ 

Oct. 15, 2013

Well all is going well in my world despite the Government being shutdown by 15%. My new double album of ALL WATER SONGS will be released in the very near future. I have the recordings mastered, the compilation clips have been made for a promotional video which is also being made as I type this. Going to be very exciting to see how far this music will go around the world. It's for WATER LOVERS everywhere. Been doing a little fishing, deer season has opened up for bows here in TN and the weather is starting to cool down. HOWEVER, I'm still planning to do a little more swimming before it gets too cold for my favorite exercise. Stay tuned for more GREAT news from the Riley Ranch. Peace, Love and Much Love, Pat Riley aka Island Mountain Pat 

Sept 1. 2013

Whew! Time is flying bye. Sorry I haven't updated my page here in awhile. Life get's in the way sometimes. Been writing some new songs that I'm REALLY proud of. They have just been coming naturally, not having to work hard to bring them into the world i.e., by babies. :-) Hopefully some other artist with alot of money behind them will record some of my songs sooner than latter and you'll hear them on the radio or satellite radio. How cool would that be? For example my UPCOMING ALL WATER SONGS double album should be done within this next month. Maybe in the next couple weeks. I've gone with a more simple approach to production, not alot of instrumentation on this project. I think it's my best work to date, 20 people have directly contributed to it up to this point. Hope YOU MAKE IT part of your music collection. Thanking you in advance for your support. Outside of music I've been spending time with a lady friend, doing some primitive boat camping and have a nice time in nature. Hope you are well and wonderful. Take really good care and share your light with the world best you can. I'll do the same. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. Island Mountain Pat ~ note: friend me on Facebook and subsribe to my Youtube video collection of 420+ Original videos. SEA YA THERE! 

July 4th 2013.

Hello Hello Hello, 

Well, all is well and a ok. It took a 5th of Whiskey to help me get over the 4th of July. Kidding! Been raining alot here in Middle Tennessee but I'm cool with it. Kind of like a tropical rain forest where I live. :-0

Been recording the new album 20+ ALL WATER SONG album and should be finished within the next month. No problem. Really looking forward to sharing it with marinas and boaters around the world. Be nice if Corona beer would sponsor it. If you have any connections and could help promote the best dam ALL water songs album in the world let me know? It's going to take people sharing and helping to get it out FOR SURE. Go for it!!!! 

I sure hope you are well and wonderful. Take care and be well. PEACE, LOVE & SANDY FEET ... Island Mountain Pat 


Hello Folks, I hope this day/night finds you well. I am a little tired at the moment after eating an egg burrito but in general I am well. Planning on recording a NEW album sooner than later. My goal is to have it done by the end of 2013 but it may be done in the next month or two. Yahoo! Haven't been writing much new material lately, just doing some home recording of some my older songs to get better sound quality.  Garden is planted, may have to buy new starts if seeds don't start popping up soon. Been out on the lake a half dozen times, went swimming once so far. Really looking forward to swimming, need the exercise. City water is coming into my area, will take another month for them to cut through the ROCK to lay the lines. ??? Whatever! Keep smiling, keep shinning! I know LIFE is not always easy. Stay Strong! Be Healthy! Live simply! PEACE. Hope you are able to download or buy a copy of my NEXT cd, a must have for all music lovers. 


Time is flying ...  and I'm enjoying the ride. No regrets, full speed ahead even though that means sometimes I'm just watching the wind blow throw the trees or talking a quiet walk on my one lane country road. Of course life is like a roller coaster, always a new twist, up and down hill or loop now and then. Taking more steps forward in preparation to recording my 6th album. This one I will be very focused ... all the songs will relate to the theme of WATER. Who doesn't love water? God to love it!! 

I have been writing new songs and all can be found on my youtube.com/patrileys channel. Hope you have had a chance to check them out, over 350 videos now. Nearly half a million views Perhaps this number will jump to 10 or 100 million before my life on earth is finished. I do hope you are well and working on living your wonderful dreams.  Peace, Love and Sandy Feet.

Island Mountain Pat ~ 


Well, watching the 2013 Grammy Awards now. Opening half hour or so was sslllooww and I was not impressed, however, as it progressed it got better and better. Some great acts and classic moments.  Truth be said I'm not a huge fan of the smoke mirrors, gimmicks, gadgets, and distractions of OVER PRODUCTION, not to mention so many artists trying to be both dancers and musicial artists. WHATEVER!!!! OK enough ranting, sorry! :-)

I am well. Really fine, been writing NEW music, gearing up for a NEW album #6, been in sunny Southern CA. for a month spending time with my Mother, brother and sister not to mention friends.  Going back to my COUNTRY cabin in the morning, back to the woods, back to nature, back to the earth, REALITY at least my reality.  Looking forward to planting a gardent this spring etc. Well, hope you all stay tuned to my Facebook, Twitter, and 350 + Youtube videos. Take good care of YOU and your health. Peace, Love & Sandy Feet. Cheers!


Just laying low like Hank Snow lately. Not alot going on these days. Written a few new tunes and I'm happy about that. Not been playing out but have managed to make a half dozen Youtube videos. I encourage you to check out my online world at youtube.com/patrileys and facebook.com/patrileys and twitter.com/songrider

I didn't win the election for US CONGRESS but get about 21,000 votes so I did my thing, not going to do it again. Been hanging out with a lady friend, watching movies, surfing the web, eating, went deer hunting in my back yard successfully, been doing some fishing but not much else happening here the Riley Ranch. Hope all is well in your world.

 Happy Holidays! PEACE


The Big Election Day is here. Just finished some homemade pizza, been "Facebooking", watching some TV at my lady friends house by Center Hill Lake. Chillin' like Bob Dylan.  Feeling a tiny bit like an individual on the verge of being drafted in a war ... of politics. As you may know I'm running for US CONGRESS in Tennessee, district 6 so tomorrow will be a new chapter if I "win" or "loose".  Bottom line is I'm not worried either way, ALL GOD ALL GOOD. Hope you are well and wonderful. Don't worry be healthy and thanks for checking out my website :-)  P.S. I did start writing a new song last night but don't know if I'll finish it or even sharing it.   

9-15-12 All is well. Another day another 67 cents :-)  Really, tomorrow I'll be 46 years young or old, depending on how you look at it.  Trying to keep shape as usual mind, body and spirit.  As you know, sometimes life is like a roller coaster.  Still haven't found the lady of my dreams to spend the rest of my life with or if I have I don't know it yet ??? Haven't been writing any new complete songs.  I've got my hat in the ring to run for US CONGRESS in Tennessee on the Green Party ticket on basically a Ron Paul foundation. On another note I can tell fall is here, cooler nights and the leaves will be changing color before too long.  Fall is a great time to Fall in love. How do like that? Just made it up!!! Looking forward to more seasons of my life.  I do hope your life is well and wonderful. Peace, love and hugs - ALL WAYS Island Mountain Pat Riley. SEA YA!


ALL is well. Been working alot at The Company Store, playing music, taking care of the Riley Ranch Health Club and Retreat Center, spending time with new friends, and swimming. Oh, and I'm also running for US CONGRESS on the Green Party ticket in Tennessee too in district 6. Slight chance I could be moving to Washington for several months per year.  Time will tell what the voting results will be but I have a feeling many people will vote for me just being they are tired of voting for the same ole incumbent person who has help this country slide deeper into debt.  Hope you and your loved ones are well and wonderful.  Peace, Love and HUGS.


All is well, just getting ready for bed about 11PM., past my bed time :-) Did you know I am running for US CONGRESS the GREEN Party ticket in the state of TN.?  How wild is that? Never thought this would be HAPPENING, have an interest in politics but don't want to be a politician.  I simply want to help make the world a better place to live for ALL. My positions are very similar to RON PAUL'S. Yep! I'll have an website up soon specifically for that purpose.  Keep a watch for it, Google Pat Riley for US CONGRESS and that should bring it up in a week or two. On a musical note, haven't been playing much in the last week but do intend to go to a music festival this weekend, will play some tunes, maybe give a little mini speech :-) for my candidacy.  I really can't complain about anything other than I haven't brought much mula recently but I'm still keeping my head above water.  I have faith that everything will unfold and if I have to get a "regular job" somewhere or play guitar seriously for tips I'll have to do it.  No worries, but hey I might be spending half the year living in Washington DC. serving America. Well, I do hope you are healthy and happy.  Peace, love and hugs!

5-27-12 Chilling this Sunday morning, going to be playing some music with a buddy today at a THE COMPANY STORE by Center Hill Lake today between 2:30 and 5:30PM.  Should be HUGE FUN.  I've been well since the last time I posted here.  Hope things are well and wonderful with you as well.  Been writing ALOT of new songs.  The stars almost have to line up for me to be inspired to write, so when I do I'm extremely thankful for the gift of a new song that I share with the world.  Been hanging out with a lady friend and that's been very nice.  I think she's one of my biggest fans ;-) I've been swimming alot lately, (LOVE IT) the garden is growing, family is all well, lots of birds, bob cat, turkey, deer around ALL the time. One of my favorites is the little BLUE BIRD that enjoys sitting and singing on the very tip top of a big GREEN Cedar tree out front of my cabin. I've seen him/her there a dozen times now.  Makes my heart SMILE and my FACE too. PEACE, JOY & BIG HUGS FOREVER.  Island Mountain Pat ~ SEA YOU ON THE LAKE!  Oh, my name will be on the ballot for US CONGRESS from the beautiful state of Tennessee.  A World Water Songs Marina Tour is floating around in my mind as well. Until we meet again, HAPPY TRAILS and don't forget to LOVEVERYBODY facebook.com/patrileys, twitter.com/songrider, youtube.com/patrileys


All is good at the Riley Ranch Health Club and Retreat Center and Recording Studios. Yahooooo! Still kicking like a bull legged chicken.  Glad summer is fast approaching. Been swimming 4 times already this year, it's my favorite exercise. What news? Well, been writing ALOT of new songs, finally have a better sound system as of a couple days ago, have a new HD sony camera, not the most user friendly, not perfect but still an upgrade.  Will be playing some songs at Company Store Back Porch by Center Hill Lake this Friday night at about 9pm and again on the following Sat. at the 1st Annual Smithville Boat Show and Swap Meet.  In the beginning stages of a 2 year WORLD WATER TOUR where I will be playing music at marinas all around the world. How's that for a dream? Hell Yeah! Why Not? Drink a little beer, smoke a little pot! It's a line in one of my new songs. :-) Anyhoo, doing really well all things considered.  You know the song MY WAY recorded by Frank Sinatra and Elvis well, I'm living life MY WAY. Peace, Joy & Loveverybody. Thanks for being interested in me and my music.  NOTE: If you want to keep up with what I'm doing feel welcome to follow me on



All is well at the Riley Ranch.  I've been busy writing songs, almost finished with another one now about being in the South Pacific Islands.  I've been swimming a couple times already here in TN. and looking forward to getting alot more exercise this summer swimming.  Been fishing and working on my garden. I'm scheduled to be on the ballot for TN. State Senator for the Green Party in Nov. How much effort I put into it remains unknown, I'm just taking it day by day, no set requirements.  I'll hope to making some marketing videos for real estate agents, selling some houseboats, cars etc. and performing more music out in public as the months unfold. Looking forward to recording an online album or 3 and eventually an Island Mountain Pat - World Water Tour . 


Ok I missed a month, sorry.  My bad.  Well, I'm back to report I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in.  Been in So. Ca. for 5 weeks, hanging out with Ma Riley, family and friends.  10 min. ago I was on the phone with my website provider and I learned I'm averaging about a little more than 10,000 hits/views on my site per month over the last 8 months. Over the last 10 years my website has around reached about 700,000 total hits, for what that's worth. 

On another note, I've been writing some, practicing some, playing for a few folks but more less just laying low. Walking on beach, surfing, eating, exercising, hanging with Ma Riley, my sister, nephews, and freinds.  The weather in So. Cal. has been nice. Looking forward to returning to the hills of Tennessee.  It's going to be a culture shock but I'm a country boy at heart, no worries.  Beside, my little buddy Cat, Meow Meow probably thinks I fell off the face of the planet. 

Please share my youtube.com/patrileys account for it has over 200 videos of me doing what I love. Hopefully our path will cross until then, happy trails, peace and love.  

Dec. 20, 2011

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope this day/night finds you well and at peace.  It's business as usual at the Riley Ranch Health Club & Retreat Center (Studios).  I've written a couple new songs that I'm very proud of.  Hopefully you will make time to check those songs out on youtube: "Simple and Free" and the song "Well, I Will. 

On another note I'm single AGAIN? God only knows why in the deepest sense but I guess it's for the best.  I'm totally optimistic with a bright, bright future ahead for peace, joy, love and wonder FULL health.

I have a new cat friend by the name of Meow Meow and he's chill.  He just likes to eat, sleep and of course say MEOW MEOW. 

I have a pending houseboat sale to help keep my "boat" afloat. Still completely debt free after 12 years and the key word is FREE. Simple, free, naturally, peacefully, honestly, .......

Well, on that note, know I love YOU and always will since I certainly try to love ALL of life unconditionally, as difficult as life my be at times. I'll SEA You, Pat 


Nov. 15, 2011

Hope this day finds you well.  Life is continuing to unfold here at the Riley Ranch.  Been writing songs, enjoying the presence of a new life partner and she is adding a wonderful new addition to my life with an built in family, 4 kids and 2 grand babies :)))  Two of her children have had marriages in just 1 months period so we've been busy.  Winter is fast approaching and the firewood is cut.  We found a stray cat, named MEOW MEOW and his a winner, beautiful.  Our free range wild rooster pet RUDY is still alive and kicking, not literally.  We have a new used aluminum fishing boat with a rip roaring 6hp outboard Johnson motor (bass boat owners are jealous due to the high speeds).  Having a Thanksgiving gathering at the Ranch and my sister is out of surgery due to back problems. Yeah! So, all is well with me.  Looking for more work now that I'm becoming more and more of a family man.  So, anyone who is looking for a help with your life or business, someone who you can honestly trust, a peson who doesn't drink or smoke, has perfect driving record, has a clean criminal history, is 100% debt free, a perfect credit rating and lots of experience including a bachelors degree in health science with experience in the medical field and public schools, not to mention wonderful references, OH and can entertain with original music please contact me.  Thanks, peace and much love, Pat.

Oct. 1, 2011

Hello Hope this day finds you well. Well, the temperature is dropping in Tennessee and Mountain Momma and I are getting ready for winter.  We're launching a small  business called HOLLER HOMECARE, a non medical home care service. On a musical note we've been writing new songs and some good ones at that.  All of the songs have been uploaded to my youtube.com/patrileys account.  Lots of new leaves to turn over this fall and winter.  Happy Trails to you and your family.  Drop me a line anytime. PEACE

New Youtube for Kids Channel:

Featuring Our Song Hippy Happy Campers

If you have appropriate video content and want to submit it for the channel you're welcome to contact:




Aug 21, 2001  

All is well on the Riley Ranch.  Donna and I have been keeping busy in a healthy way.  Lots of changes happening but it's all good and we are going with the flow. We've been writing some exciting new songs, hope you get a chance to check them out on my youtube.com/patrileys channel.  We've started a youtube for kids channel as well, looking forward to building the content there.   Until we meet, hope you have peace in your heart forever. Happy trails, love always.  Feel free to contact me if necessary.  .. :))

July 18, 2011

I'm in East Tennesse vacationing with my brother.  We are on a lake at my friends place right on the water (on 3 sides, like an island).  All is well.  Couple of things happening with my music, a marina has one of my songs on their NEW cool Florida website and LIFE ON THE WATER has done an interview on me for their magazine.  The most important thing is that I've found my dream girl.  We have so much in common. LOVE HER BIG TIME.  Well, I hope things are going your way. LOVE TO ALL.....THINK PEAS~ 


June 22, 2011

Wow! So much has changed and is changing.  First and foremost and I deeply in LUUUUUVVVVVV.  OMG, feeling like I've found my soul mate, has the potential to be the forever love everyone dreams of......yes I know, all relationships start like this, but that's what we both are experiencing so why deny it? We have ALOT in common, so nice, built in family as well.  Exciting! 

Musically, been playing out a bit but now working on learning to use my new Macbook Pro computer, garage band, imovie etc. and learning to use my new cell phone, and thinking about buying a new video camera for the next chapter of my youtube work. Transitioning......YES.  More fun expected in the near future.  Maybe another Youtube 100 Series? I don't know about that but I come up with something interesting.  For example, been talking to a very talented singer songwriter, radio talk show host etc. friend who is wanting me to help him produce and market a entertainment TV show, he has plenty of experience and connections to make it happen, more about that later.

Boat business is slow but steady.  That's the story and I'm sticking to it. Had the best financial month of my life so, all things are moving in the right direction.  Now it's time that I go for a mini jog and get some exercise. LOVE YOU ALL-WAYS AND FOREVER>>>> oops, it just started raining........

May 30, 2011
Summer is finally here and it is hot in Middle Tennessee. Been keeping fairly busy, doing well, not perfect, but well. Going to be performing out several times within the next month.  Should be fun!  Will be at the Nashville Songwriter's Festival June 3-5, and then at a Nashville Showcase at Douglas Corner on June 8th, 5pm, then on June 10 I might have the opportunity to play some songs as a "Opening act" at Billy Deans Ranch/House Concert at Center Hill Lake. Also, will probably be playing a couple other spots within the next month. 
On another note: it's swimming weather and I love that, it's my favorite exercise.  Garden is growing, and life is good.  How are you? What's new? :))) Till we meet, happy trails and much love!

Apr. 30, 2011
Wow time how time flys.  GEEEESUS.  Been busy writing songs, lots of them and some great nautical/tropical ones.  Recently, have been writing with a new songwriter from Florida who is living in Middle Tennessee now.  Have a showcase to perform in during the CMA Festival with about 12 other serious songwriters.  That should be fun for all.  Looking forward to it. On another note, garden is growing, may have to buy some starts since some of my seeds haven't sprouted, but some things are growing and that makes me :).  How is your garden growing? Well, I hope!  My love life could be better so ????? if you want to play match maker go for it! :))) Happy Trails..........

March 6, 2011
How in the health are YOU?  I've been doing really well. Writing new songs like they are going out of style.  Wonderful songs, and I am so excited about their prospects.  This morning I just finished submitting my resume and website link to a dozen cruise liners as I would enjoy being a performer on one of those ships.  Never know, it could be perfect for us both.  After 25 years of writing songs I'm still waiting for the phone to ring and it be a major recording artist wanting to include at least one of my songs on their next project. 
You know what THEY say, be careful what you wish for right? :))
I believe wonderful things happen to wonderful people for wonder reasons.  That said............ HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU... Much Love! Pat
PS. My love life is a little weak at the momenet!  Life is a Labor of Love.

Feb. 6th 2011 Stuperbowl Sunday!
Going to watch the game today, we humans are crazy!  You probably already knew that but I am trying to stay sane in the midst of it all.  Going on a hike today before the game, sunny in Tennessee for a change.  This global warming is killing me.  Mother Earth way of firing back at us for the burning of so much fossil fuel I guess.
Written of couple of new tunes lately that I really tickled about.  Drunk on Life and Go Crazy!  Have a tentatively scheduled meeting with Ralph Murphy, VP of ASCAP in Nashville, should be interesting to hopefully have a few doors opened, key word, hopefully.
Well, I better get to going. C-YA Hope you are doing wonder FULL.

Hello, just finished watching a series on the origination of the Ken Burn's films about America's National Parks and Monuments, VERY inspiring!!!  Spending time with family and friends in So. Cal. for the holidays.  Rainy and wet so far but it will pass you know? Waiting to pick up my damaged/repaired guitar from Frontier Airlines, been without it for almost 1 week.  Life!  Happy Holidays and PEACE BE WITH YOU :) 

My Brother Bill Riley in Park City Utah Dec. 2010

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ Wiz it's been a long time since I've made a note here.  Sorry.  Been busy.  Getting ready to go to Georgia for the Thanksgiving Holiday and then off to California for a month to visit with my family and friends.   Surfs Up!  Yahooo!  Need exersize!! The Riley Ranch is doing fine, all is well-ness, my girlfriend is no longer a friend I guess, she said she was DONE.  Love is a strange dance, one day things appear to be fine, it's I love you and the next they say,  F.. OFF.  Whatever???  We had a nice time together.
Been looking for a car upgrade.  Went on a job orientation yesterday, caregiver for the elderly, (will be very selective) may get my real estate license in the next couple months also, since being a singer songwriter hasn't ever paid a bill.  Yet...anyway!  So things are moving right along, I'm at peace :) Is there any other good way to be? Loveverybody, I do ......try!   Happy Trails

Hello Again Hello!  It's been too long I know, but I've been busy farming and writing and recording songs along with just being a friendly neighbor, not to mention, keeping up with family STUFF.  Anyhoo, I've got some new recordings and my favorite is the "Watching It Rain" song.  I do LOVE the song "Walking With Faith" but rather it have a different overall production for general purposes.  However, is good for pitching the song to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  It's 420 HERE is a fun new one especially if you It's 5 Oclock Somewhere. :)
Lots of changes in my neighborhood.  People moving away :( properties coming on the market and I hope some COOL new folks move into the area.  The property across the street has been SOLD so hopefully good things will happen there. Winter is in the air, was actually thinking about putting a hat on this morning.  It's just a matter of time before I start my fire fire on the winter season.  Before you know it I'll be sitting on the beach in California for Xmas but until then I'm going to keep being "Mountain Pat".  Until next time LOVE AND HUGS ..........

I've finished my first cup of coffee and I'm about to go for a walk to keep my posture up right, besides it might rain later.  Well, have you ever been at a cross roads in your life?  Mid life crazies? I think I'm approaching that point.  Time to figure out which path to take next.  Should I go left, right, fast lane or slow, uturn I don't know.........yes I've already written this song.............called BEST OF MY LIFE, title track to my first Nashville CD. Anyhoo,  in process of trying to find renters for my ECO LOUNGE cabin.  I have a few prospects.  Still trying to make some money in the music and houseboat business, but it's slim pickins.  I've gone back to work doing construction to keep my head above water.  Hummmmmm? Been pitching my resume to a some places.  Been posting online for CARE PROVIDERS or personal assistants.  ??? All seems like a bit strange being so connected to music but "hey" god to do what cha god to do.   I'm still basically debt free and still free to choose my own path so maybe I'm one of the lucky ones.  Peace and "God" bless you on your path.  Much love~

Getting ready to attend the Nashville Songwriter's Festival June 4-6th, Music Row area. Should be another fun gathering of old and new friends.  This year I'll be an MC both Friday afternoon 12-4pm and Sunday afternoon 12-3:30pm and I'll be playing Sat. night at 11:30pm and Sunday at 2:00pm.  It's a causal grassroots fest, all styles and levels welcome and is getting better every year. It's now the 7th annual.

My brother and nephews....... :-)

Here is a good picture of my Mother Dorothy, Sister Cathy and Brother Bill.  The picture was taken at my Mother's 70th birthday party/Mother's Day party...........Yeah!!!!

My Family

My fun Aunts and Uncles

Working on a song called Watching it Rain.  Dang! Speaking of rain Nashville had a record down pour and it "done plum" washed my driveway to the point I need to have another truck load of two of gravel brought in and a tractor to fix it.  Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ip!
On another note: going to California in a few days for my mom's 70th birthday party, should be tons of fun as usual.  Stay tuned, my music could get the BIG BREAK it deserves.  God only knows!!!!
My next performances in TN: May 15th, and May 21st.  Email me for details.

A picture is worth a 1000 words.   These pics. are worth sharing. 
NOTE: I'll be on stage at Pick's (former Hall of Fame Lounge) in Nashville for an hour with my good buddy POPCORN, founder of the Nashville Songwriter's Festival on April 22, 2010 at 9 PM.

Jeff Pearson: My first Nashville Buddy!!!

Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry

Gary Carter: Backstage at the Opry - PRODUCER

In Gary Carter's Studio - Memories!!!

Been playing music, writing new songs, enjoying my new and old friends and generally very chiper.  Although, it has started raining again, but it's all G wit me.  Peace and much love to YOU all to all a good night.  Patrick John Denver Riley~


Hello again my friends hello.  It's been a month since I last spoke my mind here so where do I start?  Well, I've been doing alot of songwriting lately with a couple of writers.  Visited relatives in Georgia, played some poker and played once again here.  I've been getting pretty lucky and playing well, still losing but getting VERY close to winning.  Written a great song called "Harbor of Your Love", inspired by a new lady I met on MATCH.com, and I didn't have to go out on 20 dates, it was my first date on there, we clicked the moment we met, after 2 seconds, kind of strange but I'm just going with it.  Other news, my mom is turning 70 and so I guess I'll be heading back to California for a week or so for a big family bash. Always fun to see Mom, family and friends. Thinking about getting a regular job here in the near future if the houseboat sales don't pick up and my cabin rental concept doesn't kick in.  Trying to buy an acre of land below my property for garden space, a bank currently holds it in foreclosure.  May make an offer in the next hour, wish me good luck.  Until we meet again. LOVEVERYBODY, including AVATAR ;) Great movie!! 

Yes it has been awhile since I made an entry here.  It's a good time due to this Tennessee winter weather, don't remember it being so darn wet and cold, lends itself to developing a case of cabin fever.  Especially when the water has to be turned off for a couple-few days at a time.  Dang!!!!  However, it's all good in the neighborhood.  Still playing around in the music business, actually this morning I kicked off my first ONLINE LIVE SHOW, I think THEY call it webcast.  A decent little segment, the video remains available on USTREAM.tv
It might turn into something.......I have several talented singer songwriter friends who are trying to "break into the music business" as well so maybe we can start our own ONLINE NASHVILLE MUSIC SHOW. 
Alrighty O, I'm going to go down to the spring and fill up another 5 gallon jug of spring water until I can reasonably turn my water back on at the faucet.  It's also time to do 20 push ups and some sit ups and ....... maybe play a song or two, then stoke the wood burning stove, then maybe go see my oldest girlfriend who's 83.  :))
Be well and happy trails.  Did I tell you about Mandy? Well, you will just have to stay tuned to until next time. 

It's been awhile since I've posted a note here, shame on me.  All is well, in Southern California now and about to go surfing with my nephew.  Should be fun. 
Been playing music with and for friends and family, keeping my "chops" up.  Afterall, if you don't use it you loose it.  I keep hoping the phone will ring and it will be my big break or at least a good gig.  Hey, dreams are free. 
Returned my rental car this morning after being up in Northern Cali.  Very cool to see old freinds in Mendocino County, love those redwoods along the coast.   It's like being in another world, or at least on the set of a TV series, everyone is a character in the play there, all unique and original.
Hope all is well in your world.  Peace and much love always and everywhere.

It's a beautiful morning and should be a nice fall day.  Getting chilling in the morning, down to the 40's now.  After several days of rain some big stripper bass have made their way up the Caney Fork River.  Fortunately a couple guys who caught their limit each gave me 1.  They weighed about 25-30 lbs a piece.  SWEEEEEEEEEET, now I have a good supply of fish in the freezer for the next month or two.
Went to Loretta Lynn's Ranch for the Songwriter's Festival last weekend.  FUN, bunch of like minded folks all singing their songs.  It's almost like a family reunion.  As a matter of fact a couple guys from the fest have been hanging out at the Riley Ranch and last night we cook burgers on the open campfire - yummy! 
Now, I'm going to cut back on the meat and dairy products, cholesterol is getting high :|
I've got to start gathering more wood for winter and get my nose back to the grind stone, afterall their is such thing as having too much fun. 

Yesterday was meee birthday, for what it's worth, had a nice day in Paradise.  All is well, "feels" like the boat sales business will slow so it's time to shift gears a bit and look for other opportunities to make a buck or three.
Haven't been playing much but did get a grand opportunity to play my latest two songs for one of Nashville's most influencial people, Paul Corbin, and his wife and grand daughter's, at their place while they ate dinner overlooking Center Hill Lake.  They are good people, always fun to visit with them. 
My celebrity buddy from LA. Joe Lara (aka Tarzan) is planning to visit TN. again, his wanting to move here in pursuit of music and better quality of life.  So, he'll be hanging out at Riley's Long Branch Ranch some. 
My buddy Poobah, he used to travel with Willie and Johnny Cash, is wanting to go fishing with me soon, he's been out on a limb playing music get to keep the wheels turning.  He's a gentle giant....and a GREAT singer songwriter.
Life is good, business great and .......... LOVE is ever changing. 
Feel free to send me an email now and then,
Best wishes, www.patrileys.com



My First Wake Boarding Experience

In the KEY of SEA

Cool Ole Car at Neighborhood Party

5 minutes from my cabin- Caney Fork River
Rainbow and Brown Trout under canoe!- YEAH!!!


8-28-09 Going Camping Tonight at Fall Creek Falls, TN.  Some huge waterfalls, great hiking trails, swimming etc.
Should be really fun with a group of hikers that I have never met.  I'm bringing my guitar in case picking around the campfire seems in order.  Been busy with the boat business, almost finished with the Eco-Lounge (self contained camping cabin on my property). Things are looking up so let's hope it stays that way.  Peace and love. Pat

Inside Eco-Lounge

Holy Christmas! How are U doing?  What a roller coaster ride life is aye?  Well, I'm almost finished with the outside of the NEW multipurpose cabin at the Riley's Ranch Health Club and Retreat Center.  Pictures coming soon.  Haven't been playing much music in the past couple weeks but going to see a group of writers tonight at LuLu's Cafe in Watertown, then off to Nashville to take my lady friend Sarah to the airport on Friday.  I get to take care of her cat at my place while she's gone........... :) We all need friends!
MOTHER'S DAY 5-12-09
My Mother is Wonderful!
Things are going well.  Getting ready frame another cabin on my property to be used for storage or camping, or guest quarters or ???? Looking forward to the process unfolding. 
Recently was a substitute for 3 different Songwriter Nights in Nashville.  It went well.  Met some very nice people and seen some old freinds.  Met a nice gal too who is a singer songwriter/painter and we have alot in common... so we will see if it develops.  
Yesterday I went to a bluegrass concert in a LARGE cave.  INCREDIBLE.  For info. check out bluegrassunderground.com  The organizers are very cool people and I had a great time.
More rain scheduled.....I'm ready for some sun.  Peace and LOVE

All is well-ness at the Riley Ranch.  Trying to live my life, you know?  The Eco-Lounge, new addition to the Ranch, is almost complete.  It's available for rent. $40 per night. 5 min. from lake and 5 min. from river.
Houseboat sales have been a bit slow but I've been busy working in the field.
Musically things are going a little slow, need to practice some to keep my chops up.  Never know when you are going to get THE CALL.  God to be ready!!!!
Hope to go canoeing in the next hour, maybe catch a trout or two.
Peace and much love alwaysssssssssssssssssssssss

Forth Of July, 2009
Hope you are all enjoying the holiday.  I am trying :)) Planning on watching the fireworks this evening, maybe at Hurricane Marina on Center Hill Lake or at the Smithville Bluegrass Jamboree.  My lady friend Sarah will be joining me..........my little buddy!
The Eco-Lounge or sometimes referred to as "Cathy's Cabin" is finished on the outside and should have the inside much more complete within the next couple weeks.  An excellent camping cabin outside Nashville for anyone wishing to clear their mind, play music, write, record, have "sexshall relations" , heaven forbid, LOL, etc.  Let me know if you want more information on renting it or leasing it, timeshare etc.
Weather is perfect, about 80 degree, so prepare for take off, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the "flight".  Peace and LOVE
PS.  I just listed a beautiful 40' cabin crusiser priced at 183,750 if you want to cruise on the water in style............. it's only money~

Well, ladies.  I'm single!  So..........I'm still looking for the dream girl.  Could that someone be you? You would like and/or loves nature, music, water, traveling, family, healthly food, good friends, sports, and just plain laying low or relaxing into a simple life.  Need I say more? It would help if you were spiritual vs. religious and have working skills or be financially stable, that's always a plus.  Need I say more? Spread the good word.  Send an email with picture if you are interested in this opportunity :))
On another note, things are well.  Looking forward to summer sun and fun.
Hope life in your neck of the woods is GRAND
Hope you are well. 

Having coffee, getting ready for summer, recording some video, messing with new songs, enjoying life and my sweetie Sarah, working on boat sales some, on my garden some, socializing with friends and just living large in my own small way here at the World Head Quarters of the Riley's Ranch Health Club and Retreat Center.  I love to dream :)))

Howdy Pard ners!
All is wellness. As my dad use to say, "How in the Health are You?" Beautiful day but has been chilly.  Looking forward to the day I can jump into the lake and feel comfortable in the 85 degree water.  UMMMM.  Wrote a new song that I BELIEVE has alot of potential called, You Make My Heart Sing - A Happy Song.  How's that for a short title? 
Hoping the Obama camp can get America back on the right track.  It's a crazy world but if we ALL just be cool and work to bring about peace we can. YES WE CAN.  See you up ahead and down the road.  SEA you on the lake!!!! 

Happy New Year!  All is well here and hopefully with you and your loved ones.  Trying to turn some of my dreams and visions into enough money to sustain the Riley Ranch Health Club and Retreat Center (my home).  Still loving my angel Sarah, what a gift! 
On the music front I'm feeling inspired to record or promote a cd of singer songwriter David Rovic's work.  He is a pretty RADICAL social and political artist.  His songs topics are often NOT "proper" to talk about, but it is in that "quiet" space the need arises.  I believe we need to consider all points of view as we move into the future especially in this time of "CRISIS"
Until we meet again................think and be at PEACE. 

Whew weeee!  Trying to get back into a work mode but it is a bit difficult when there are so many choices.   When you can do anything or just about anything it's confusing as to which option or job to take.  Should I focus on music? On health care? Building and home rennovation? Just get a regular Joe Job at Whole Foods? Hummmmmm?  Work for somebody?  Create a job?
Hope you are doing well.  I've been fine.  Hope you have a happy holiday season.  Peace!
I guess I'll know in time. 

Hi, long time since I provided an update as to the Life of Riley, sorry.  I've been well.  Met a new lady and have been spending alot of time with her.  We've been having fun, and helping her move from place to place too, lots of work.  Anyhoo, tomorrow we are both going to So. California for 5 days to see my mother, brother, friends etc. Should be fun. 
On a musical note: I opened up an hour set for ELVIS.  Great venue, the show went well.  I was happy with my performance.
Yesterday morning I was thinking about my new country songs that haven't been professionally recorded.  I have enough to do another country cd.....looking forward to the time when that happens again, it's always an exciting process.  Never know how they will turn out, almost like having kids I guess.
Well, hope you are all well. 

LIFE is sweet.  I've been doing really well, enjoying summer with friends, playing a little music here and there, enjoying my new OLD boat that's in the shop right now...........been swimming, walking, eating lots of food, actually been water skiing quite a bit too. 
On the work front, still trying to recover money that is owed me from a real estate transaction, listing and selling houseboats, barns, houses and land around the Center Hill Lake Dam and Caney Fork River.  Oh, I forget, been doing some great Rainbow trout fishings as well.
I do feel the hands of time turning, I'm not getting any younger, and sometimes I wonder about the future of this journey we call life: how it is going to be for this country, other countries, the planet, my family and I.  It's a process of unfolding, opening and closing I guess? 
You all take care and remember I LOVE YOU....... SINCE I LOVE LIFE ITSELF and hope YOU feel the same. 

The Nashville Songwriter's Festival was a blast.  However, I got blasted with too much sun and just wore myself out I guess............I got sick!!!! Good news is I'm almost better 93%.
It's definately summer in Middle Tennessee, the sun has been shining a plenty, lake water is plenty warm, the gardens are growing, and all is well. 
Things are starting to happen with my boat sales.  As of this weekend I'll have 3 boats listed.   Additionally our company sold my boat FLIPPER.  I hope to sell one of my listings before the 4th, pending sale status now.
I've met a lovely lady and we have been enjoying each others company.  She's a like minded spirit friend with roots in the Nashville Music Scene, she's into alternative building, gardening, etc. etc. It's wonderful.
Well, I've got to get the coffee pot going. I need a little pick me up, still not over this cold.............................rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........I hate being sick.
Love you and stay in touch.  Peace!!

It's a slow day thus far.  Rained over night, and it's still all wet and gray outside this morning.  The trees, plants and gardens are loving it aye?  Oh, my tea, I just made a pot of tea and I forgot to bring it over to my couch/computer.  I'll get it now.  lol
Bought a new canoe a few days ago and have gone down the Caney Fork River now a few times.  I've been fishing two of the three times.  I thought I was a fisherman.  Hell, I did NOT catch anything.  arrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I'll catch em, you can bet on that.  I'm going to have to change a few things, like fishing pole, guage of fishing line, bait, time I'm fishing in relation to when the river is generating electricity etc.  However, it's been GLORIOUS!  Totally beautiful. If you didn't know where you were you might think it was Costa Rica or some Hawiian River!!! Amazing.
I've also been working trying to sell houseboats/crusiers for a wonderful company called houseboatsbuyterry.  So far I've got one houseboat listing and a couple calls.  I've been working on trying to find one client a cabin cruiser in the 60-80k range.  Hopefully, they will like one that I've found for them. :)
Otherwise, things in the holler are just plugging along like a slow moving train.  My website is getting "hits" and that in itself brings me satisfaction.  Been "hanging" out with a lady friend and that's been nice too.  Still waiting for my dream girl to sweep me off my feet. I haven't made many videos lately of my songs but do intend to make a couple.......like soon.
The Nashville Songwriter's Festival is coming up......so that's always interesting.  What else?  My boat "FLIPPER" is for sale.  Going to court in mid June to try and collect some money that is rightfully owed me from a past real estate transaction.  Well folks that about all for now.   I do have a bunny rabbit living on my property that is getting more and more friendly.  And I guess it had a baby because I saw a babby bunny too.........so cute!!  Anyhoo,
that's what's going on in my "Life of Riley".  Take Good Care~

Here's an interesting video view of where I live.  It gives you a remote perspective of where it's situated in relationship to
Center Hill Lake.
All is well, spring has sprung, the trees are getting their leaves back.  I've planted some berries, nuts and fruit trees.  Vegetable garden coming soon.  Still looking for love in all the wrong places :|  Who knows, maybe I'm destined to be single??????????????? Some feel it's a blessing.  :)
Looking forward to a great summer.........take good care!

I've uploaded a couple new songs and would appreciate your feedback.  They are in the section of solo performances.  Let's see if you can find them?
In Joy~
PS.  I'll be also creating a section of instrumental music, again just me and the geeetar.  Nice stuff, someday I'll have the songs produced with all the bells and whistles.  If you would like to help fund it don't hesitate, don't wait, don't let me stop you.  I'll will tell you what............if one of the songs goes gold well we can arrange for a HEFTY return on yerrrrrrrr money.  :)))

To view more pics. of Private Mountain Retreat click on homepage link

I finally downloaded some new recording software so I can start recording guitar vocal tracks again.  I'm waiting on a new power cord for my video camera to cont. recording videos of my songs for "YAWL".  Been working a fence for the neighbors.  Went to Nashville last night to listen to a friend play some music, twas fun.  I feel spring in the air and am hoping to find a fun girl friend soon, have been making some progress, things are picking up, there's hope :))))
Anyhoo, stayed tuned for more trials and tribulations from the Long Branch Ranch Studios.
Peace................who are you voting for ?  Oh I forgot we're not supposed to talk politics, it's polictically incorrect. 


Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a roller coaster ride this life is, one minute the country is going up, next upside down, then around a sharp curve only to being going downhill fast.

Well, I'm trying to keep an even keel through it all here on the Long Branch Ranch. I've written a few more songs, and they are "keepers". Some of them weren't easy to reel in but I've got em in the boat. ha

Been playing at a couple of senior communities lately and have enjoyed it tremendously. Would love to do a senior tour.

One other thing watch for a movie called ZEIGEIST (crazy name I know) it means collective consiousness. It will be released in a BIG way world wide on March 15, 2008 ZDAY.

I'm the only one so far sponsoring a public event in TN. and it will be FREE for the community to watch.

Peace and much LOVE,

My cabin is finished.  I simply lack some home furnishings.  I'll leaving for Texas on the Dec. 31st to help some friends find a new home.  Should be interesting.  I'll be my buddies chauffer.  We'll be staying in a NICE hotel.  Maybe I can even find some place to perform my music.
On another note, I've been practicing my music almost daily.  Hanging out with musical neighbors, sharing tunes, food, etc.  I'm will be playing on the 12th in Watertown TN. at LU LU's cafe.  Cute little coffee house.  I'll be the featured singer songwriter for that Sat. night.  I've got another place in mind to for a regular gig.  Also looking for jobs as a personal assistant or ?  I'm open.  Been checking around.  Really looking for a great female mate/partner to share my ranch and houseboat.  :))))  Anyhoo, hope all is well and keep in touch. 

Howdy,  over at a neighbors house now and just finished eating some GREAT homemade stew.   I've written a couple new songs and am very happy about that.  Will record and upload solo version as soon as possilbe.
My cabin is coming along too.  Starting to take shape.    Take Care~

Over at a friends place in the Marina and thought I'd upload a pic. of mua standing next to my wood burning stove in the cabin.  Getting ready for installation of propane stove and heater.  How are you now?

In Nashville now with folks who are returning to CA. this eve.  Had a good time exploring TN.
Still working on cabin, almost finished.  Getting ready for winter.  Still playing music and looking forward to working on my music and performing more this winter.  Stay tuned and keep in "touch".

Welcome to the new and improved Riley's Ranch, otherwise known as the
LONG BRANCH RANCH.  Complete with 18 hole golf course, olympic size swimming pool, horse back riding stables/trails, billards, bowling alley, horse shoes, spring fed lake, organic garden, natural hotsprings, hiking and biking, and 24 hr. Massage.  By reservation only to club members. 
Wouldn't this make a great sign at the entrance to my mountain?  Love it!!!!!!!
Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!Down!!!!!!

Howdy Pardners~  Hope ya'll are doing well.  I'm sitting in the afternoon sun at a park on a picnic table waiting for some folks to come and look at my Subaru.  Time to liquidate, free up some cash to keep building my nest/cabin.
Interesting news: last night after filling my tank with gas and giving away a few cd's  out to this girl I met, I saw this guy pull up and walk into the mini market, well it was Billy Dean.  I thought, I be!!!  I've heard alot about him living in my part of the woods so I grabbed a couple of cd's and walked up to him in the market.  We had a real nice chat for about 15 minutes, very cool.  He left playing "Moon is Over the Rainbow" in his convertible.  He said, "I like it already" and we drove off down life's highway. 
I hope he calls me, that would be cool too.  I bet we could help each other out, locals working together.  Keep your fingers crossed!!  I need a break!!
Well, all is well until next time.  Think Whirled Peas!!!!!  And Impeach Bush!!!
Support Our Troops and bring them home. 

I am so tickled to share with YOU my new home site, it's on the side of of a Tennessee mini MOUNTAIN.  No houses in sight, just nature!  God's Country, make no mistake about it.   I can't wait to get moved in, living in my travel trailer at present and in my house boat.  Life is sweet and simple, sometimes a little rough, but I'll just share the beautiful side.  Peace~  Keep in touch and I do hope all is well with you and your loved ones.  Pat

Ok, here's a few pics of MY LUVBOAT FLIPPER.  Oh my god it is sooo much fun.
Just let me know when you wanna go 4 a ride or weekend getaway.  The lake is awesomeeeeee.

Cherish the ones ya love!
I just return last night from 3 full days and nights at the Nashville Songwriters Festival on Music Row.  It was fun, a better crowd than last year, better performers and more fun overall.  Tiring!!!!  Met some wonderful people, always nice to be in the music circle.
Backed out of the Deal on 26 acres with my bro in KY.  However, I'm good with it, gives me more time and money for developing my Center Hill Lake property and spending time on my house boat.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Thanks for being here now.  Peace and love ........Phat Pat


I'm leaving on a jet plane to CA. on May 1st.  Will be there for 3 weeks enjoying friends and family so if you'd like to have Pat play music in your area it could be arranged??? 
I'll be purchasing a house boat this weekend and will be living on it at Dale Hollow Lake for a couple of months when I return to Tennessee.  Also, I'll be living in my new/used travel trailer near Center Hill Lake on a 30 Acre parcel I'm acquiring VERY soon, like within the next week.
Also, my brother and I are in the process of purchasing 26 acres land to create a community/sub division near the entrance to Dale Hollow Lake State Park complete with 18 hole championship golf course, lodge, marina, and campground.  Keep your fingers crossed that it unfold according to plan.
Hope you are doing well in your world.  Maybe we can talk someday soon.
Peace, love and light to all~  

Well, I just finished recording and uploading a relatively new song to this website.  Hopefully, you can find time to upload songs you like of mine to your computer, POD or ?. :))  Some good friends of mine think it's got strong potential, it's called, "I'd rather be out in the country".
I'm "fixing" to be a happy camper. I bought a travel travel and truck to pull it with so it's going to be my home for the near future.  I've got an accepted offer in on 30 acres NEAR Center Hill Lake.  TOtally private, clothing optional :)
I hope the deal goes through and then I'll live in my camper = happy camper.
Great place for family and friends to retreat.
Been practicing lately.  Got to keep my chops up.  Was in studio today with Gary Carter, Producer, we have 7 more songs soon to be uploaded in the NEAR future.  I'm not going to commerically duplicate cd's anymore, mainly just going to put them online here.
Sent a song into American Idol........."Moon is Over the Rainbow" who knows, maybe somebody will hear it and god for bid even like it then.....?
Incidently my bluegrass song "Things are Bad, but gonna get better" went back out to hundreds of radio stations and I know some stations overseas and playing it........Yippa!  It doesn't take much to make me happy......
You take good care and do the right thing. Pat

We'll I sold my minin farm and I'm staying now at a friends house until I find another place to purchase/develop/fix up.  I sold it to another singer songwriter artist music teacher and she's really cool.  She's even now has the "custody" of the horse, goat etc.  It's a good thing!
I've already made plans for next Tues. to start spending my money.  I'll be recording again.  Got to do it!  In my blood, it's kinda of like an artist that has to paint, well I've got to record my songs.  It wouldn't be right if I didn't.
So, I'm moving onto another chapter in the Life of Riley.  I might be buying an RV to travel with.  I might be visiting CA, GA, ID, MI, etc. Maybe I'll just make my own tour :))))))) 
I hope you and your loved ones are well.  Take care until next time. ~~

Hope you a enjoying the holiday spirit.  I'll be playing at Bart's BBQ on Friday 6-8:30PM in Dickson if you want to check it out.  Fun little spot with gooood food.  On another note I'm just about finished with a NEW SONG called "Until I Found You" a nice catch-a keeper!  Yeah!  Play safe and keep in touch. 

Christmas is Coming!  Better watch out!  Peace be with you and your family.
Hopefully our paths will cross in 2007.  I'm about ready to sell the farm and hit the road.  Let FREEDOM ring~

Friday Night, Dec 1st I'll be playing a few songs in a round at the French Quarter in East Nashville at 6:45PM with Kountry Kenny.  Come on out!
PS.  I've also been playing a 2-3 hr. set on Friday nights at Bart's BBQ and Catfish Cooker in Dickson, TN.  Fun little gig in a great intimate setting. 

I'll be appearing on Writer's Block, Jan 3rd, 10pm est, you can tune in via the net and also can participate in a live online chat during the show. All the info can be found at www.writersblockonline.com. Cool....this will be fun!

It's  12:43AM on November 14, 2006 and I just felt the inspiration to
get up out of bed, turn on the lights, my computer, the heater and start the
Pat Riley, A LIVING LEGEND series. 
What's that?????  Well, I just finished listening to my latest "homemade"CD.  I want to make it available to the world for FREE because I believe it's worthy.  I want EVERYONE that visits my web site to now have the opportunity to hear what my music sounds like with just me playing guitar and singing my songs as if I were singing them for you in your home or mine LIVE. Currently, all that's available on my web site are my songs on CD's that have been highly produced, meaning plenty of instruments on each song etc. that's fine, but I believe this new option is an added bonus for TRUE music lovers who want the "REAL FEEL".
Subsequently, from this point forward I will begin downloading songs on the internet that are with just me and my guitar.  As long as I'm a singer songwriter this is my pledge to the world. These songs are like my children, they will out live me, they have a life of their own. It brings tears to my eyes now but that's part of the beauty this LIVING LEGENDS series.  Maybe some of them will find a home in your heart.
IN JOY~~~~~~ And I love YOU......always and everywhere

UPDATE:  I'll be auditioning for a Nashville based Reality TV series about musicians on the 15th of November, wish me luck.  It should be tons of fun being around all the other like minded people there.
Almost finished remodling the mobile home in Shady Grove, TN.  It's looking pretty good, I proud of the progress.  Start to feel like my dad more and more, working on houses.
Still looking for Mrs Right......or at least Miss Right Now.   It's going to take the right one for sure.
Met with my Producer Gary Carter today for coffee, had a nice chat after going to the dentist to find out I need two cavities filled.  Yuck... 
Keep in touch and know that you are SPECIALLLLL  :)))))) 

Hi there, wish you were here :)  I'll give you a little update as to what's going on in my world now.  I'm selling my property.  Time to bring in some bacon, lettuce and tomatoe, if you know what I mean. 
Last night I was video taped for a Nashville cable station.  It went well, then I went over to a singer songwriter private party, it was outstanding, most of the folks were from California. 
I've been also working on a rental property I bought.  It's a double wide mobile home and should be ready to rent or sell within the next two weeks, great country location.
I just bought a short bus, school bus two days ago.  Fun driving it home but don't think I'll keep it at this time.  I'll probably just put it up for sale a make 500 bucks, however, I'd love to live in it on a great piece of land with a clean river or lake in my front yard.  Dreams are free!!  Maybe someday. 
Today has been slow and kind of cool, no sun.  So I don't feel very motivated to go work on the mobile home.  Just laying low in mee log cabin. 
How are you today? 

Reminder: I'm having a HIPPY 40th Birthday Party at LRYIX/ formerly known as GA Dangs in Downtown Nashville on Sept. 16th 10PM to 1AM.  Should be alot of good songwriters performing.  Your pick of a Free Pat Riley CD to all attendees.  $5.00 cover charge. Wear a tye dye tee shirt and get in FREE.  :)
94 Peabody Street, Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 734-6426

It's hot but I'm staying calm and cool.  :)  Just returned from a fun family reunion in the upper peninsula of Michigan, right on Lake Superior.  Went swimming, danced, played music for the fine folks, played cards, etc.  Took my lady friend Kathy, we had a good time. 
Now, it's time to bring in some cash flow.  So, I'm in the process now of beginning to advertise some of my property for sale.  I'm hoping to have the deal done in a couple months time, even to the point of auctioning some off. 
When I do get more cash flow I'll finish my next country cd, buy a tractor, maybe a fixer upper home, travel a bit more and who knows what else.
I sure hope you all are doing well. 
By the way, I do have a gig planned on Sept. 16th at Ga Dangs starting at 10PM for my birthday, should be fun.  Peace~

I can't believe I haven't written in this section in two months.  WOW!! I hope you are doing well and thanks for reading my notes. 
I've been to CA. for my mom's wedding. I wrote a song and sang it at her wedding, it went well.  I traveled up to No. CA. it was a joy to see old friends.  Dated a few girls and flew back home. 
Then, an old friend that I haven't seen in 20 years visited Nashville and we hung out at the CMA music FESTIVAL in Nashville.   We did some moving and shaking, networking in the music bizz, incidently he just happens to be a former hollywood "movie star" in 20 films with the most notable role as TARZAN.  His name is Joe Lara and he wants to be a country singer now.  He's a great talent and good friend. 
Enter the Nashville Songwriter's Festival 2006, that kept me busy too.  It was fun and one of my songs will be featured on the BEST of the FEST compilation CD vol. 1. 
I've been working lately on the farm here, cutting grass, putting up an electric fence for my horse songrider, sub dividing a couple lots off to have spending money for the next couple years.   I've been also dating, enjoy that process.  ES ALL GOOD in the neighborhood.
Drop me a line if you wish.  Peace out ~ Pat

Seasons Greetings Everyone Everywhere!
It's a grey morning and I'm having my second cup of coffee first.  Sitting at the computer looking at Match.com, some photos taken last night, email, thinking of the rest of the world outside my little bubble.  :)  I've written a couple new songs lately, one for my Mom's upcoming wedding, it's a keeper called "Share My Life".  It was written fairly quick since it's has many of the feelings in it that I dream of finding in a mate.   Well, just thought I'd drop a line down fer ya's!!!  Shake it easy and keep your tomale` wagon!!! 

Life is good~ How's it going with you? 
I've made plans to attend my mom's wedding in California.  I'll be staying for 10 days, going to do a little surfing etc.  Should be a fun getaway.   Plan of spending time with lots of family and friends.
Things have been a little slow the last couple of days, but I feel I'm keeping it in the middle of the road and that I'm right on track.
Well things have been rocking and rolling lately.  Been busy on working around the farm, grass is growing and that means lawn mower, weed eater, watering seeds, etc. etc. I've been playing out a little and practicing a little just to keep in the swing of things.  Lisa and I are still talking or emailing each other daily and have dinner plans Mon. eve. to meet again. We are going to watch a John Denver video too :)
I'm thinking about heading to Georgia for Easter.  We'll see.  I've been pitching my music and have plans on Sat. to meet with some fellow songwriters, excellent friends.  I'm also planning on visiting with the Country "Star", Laurie Middlebrook, in about a week.  We might do a little writing, sanging, maybe have a beer or three at the Riley Ranch.
I'm hitting the hay.  Send me a email, a secret message, if you like.......Think Peas`

Well, I thought I had found my dream girl..........lord.........have mercy..you probably know the feeling or at least remember it.  It's an amazing feeling.  The best!   It's a long story so I won't bore you with my love life.....it's over!  I guess somethings aren't meant to be..So, when you read the entry below realize I was very tempted to delete it, just like I deleted her phone number from my cell phone.   So, my quest to find a wonderful mate continues this morning.  LISA seemed soooooo perfect and it felt divine when we met one time in person, and only once.  Although we've been conversing for a couple weeks. Even the manager of the restaurant where we met had to remind us that we were in a family setting, affection galore.  Well, I guess ya Win some and you loose some.
ON another note, I've been really busy working on my songs for my next CD.  I have 15 songs picked out from my collection.  I've also been "pitching material" to other artists.  I actually feel like I'm giving it a good run so later on in life I can look back and say I gave it a gooood shot.  I did what I had to do.  I'm not willing to bet the farm on it, YET, probably never will, but I taking steps daily now to get airplay, songs heard by industry personnel, etc. and I continue to give CD's out to people I feel might enjoy the gift of my music. 
It just started raining outside, expected to rain for a couple days.  Oh well!  Just bought a lawn mower yesterday, it felt good mowing my yard for the first time at the new and improved Riley Ranch, health club, retreat center, 18 hole golf course, complete with olympic size swimming pool, horse back riding trails and 24hr massage, organic gardens, and meditation centers ......................Dreams are FREE.  
Oh, my cat had kittens.  Guess they are in the barn somewhere.  I'm pretty sure I'll see them running around in a couple weeks.
Peace and LOVE,
Sir. Patrick John Denver Riley the 3rd. 

Date 2-21-06
My LOG CABIN is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm living in it legally!!!..........
Sorry for not keeping up with my notes here but I've been really busy building my new log cabin home in Dickson, Tennessee with a meadow, creek, big trees, BIG BARNS and nearly eight acres with 100's around me   I'm listening to the tracks now for my next cd which will be another super fun cd, mainly country but, it's going to be HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.  I'll get more songs and pictures up on my web site soon as I get up to speed with things around here.  I just got hooked back up to the internet yesterday after being offline for over 4 months.  I can't believe it myself, but it's true. 
I've written a couple more songs lately and feel very blessed to have been inspired to give birth to them.  I'm happy with how they have turned out.  First one is called "Before You" and the second it call "The Bhooze".  Would love for you to hear them.  Well, my wrist is getting sore from typing, I'm a little rusty from not typing.  Keep in touch, would love to hear from you.
Love Pat Riley
At last I'm back in the saddle again and in more than one way.  I've got another horse and a new farm and it's all impressive.  I'm open for visitors.  The log cabin is in the process of being built now, it's going to be small 24x24 with a 6 ft. wrap around deck and loft for my bed room or computer room.  If you'd like to visit sometime email me for directions.  It's a sweet spot with a creek, meadow, fresh water spring, tons of big trees, rolling hills, close to the freeways etc.  35 min. to Nashville.
AAAAAAAAAAAND yesterday I picked up my latest cd titled,
Pat Riley- The Key of SEA.  Make sure you get your hands on one ASAP because it's mighty good, if I don't say so myself.  Of course I'm a little biased, but it's good stuff.
I'll be going into the studio again today to work on 7 more songs that are already recorded.  I just have to do the vocals, so I'm going to get a practice tape to sing along to so when I go back I'll be ready to nail the vocals. 
I love you all and I do hope you're doing well.  Let me know what's going on in your world.
Hi friends and lovers.  I've sold my mini farm and 1 week later after plenty of driving and sleeping in my tent bought another mini farm at an auction.  I'll get pictures up so you can take a peek soon.   
The property is 7.75 acres with plenty of barns, BIG ones, and a creek on it.  It currently has a caretakers house on it but, am not sure if it can be saved.  It's been ALONG time since it was lived in.  I need to check into it more.  
Now, I'm visiting relatives in Georgia.  Played Texas Holdem last night at a bar for money, lost 30 bucks but had plenty of fun.  Oh my god, you should of seen the girl wearing the John Deer tee shirt, boy did she has nice CCCCCCCCHEst, dddddddddddddddddamn! 
I'll be back in TN. within the next couple days.  Still working on the cd....I know it's taken alot longer than expected, but progress is being made.  Tracks are done, just waiting for mastering and art.
Peace and love me. 
Well I've sold my mobile home on Center Hill Lake.  Time to move on to the next chapter of my life.  My mini farm is near sold, it's expected to close escrow within 2 weeks.  Going to Michigan on Wed. or Thurs. of this week for a family reunion.  Should be fun! 
Been looking hard for somewhere to go once I move from my current place.  I've got a couple pieces of property in sight and if I purchase either one I'll probably build a small log cabin on it and live there.
My music is getting out to the world.  I've heard there are playing Things Are Bad in Scottland, Netherlands, Germany, New Zeland, and Romania.  I'm certain the song is being aired elsewhere.   
Hope everything is going your way, feel free to drop me a line.
Howdy everyone,
Things are still plugging along with the LIFE OF RILEY, lots of new things shaking.  As of two days ago I've accepted a contract to sell the mini farm, pending their loan approal, including ALL the furniture, antiques, horse, tractor, chickens and cat too. I might be back in limbo land again with just my clothes and a decent bank account. I also have an interested party in my Center Hill Getaway.  What's next?  You tell me and we'll both know.  I might be just blowin in the wind with old Uncle Bob Dylan. Another country album? Probably!
My latest greatest song is one I wrote for Mortimore family, it's called Songs for You.
Notes from: 3-26-05 to 5-6-05
Getting ready to visit California for my nephews high school graduation, mix with family, take a little trip to Mexico with a music buddy from No. CA.  I'm sure I'll do a little surfing and just plain hanging out with Ma Riley.  Going to put her on Match.com :)
I've got my place up for sale on the lake and am thinking about selling the ranch or extra lot on the mini ranch in order to free up some cash flow.  Should be finishing up new cd real cd, taking a little longer than expected.  I'm adding a new song called SMILE. Hope all is well with you. ?????#%^&
On June 4, Saturday I'm hosting a Hippy Hoedown for Songwriters at my Mini Farm.  We'll be roasting a pig, playing horse shoes, sipping on keg beer, fishing for kids in the pond,  hiking in the woods, and folks playing lots of music up in the barn.  I'm working hard trying to get the place ready for it to happen smoothly.  Some people may choose to camp here too.  It should be Super Cool...

Hoooooooooooooooodwy.  I'm moving and shaking now.  Up at 4:30AM with a wild hair.  We'll I'll let you know what's going on inside my head.  I'm planning how to best get connected to the music industry and have an organic base to come home to when I'm not dealing with the music. 
So, I've purchased the new Riley's Ranch and some pictures of it can be found on my web page link..   OOOOOOOH, today, after nearly 2 months I finally learned whether or not I have fish in my pond.  I saw 1, then 2 then about 20 plus in addition to a big lunker bass weighing probably 2 pounds.  It was ssssssssssooooooooooooooo exciting.  I've got them trained already after feeding them corn tortillas.   My new chickens are very happy toooooo.  Oh my god yes.  They get treated like royalty.  They're are beautiful.  And I'm more than likely going to be welcoming a lovely paint horse to the family next week.  She's to die for, you will love her ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and pretty, peaceful too.  I'm sure she will love going in and out of all six stalls in the barn and drinking out of the pond with the chickens by her side.  I'm getting a goat, dog, cat and turkey soon. ...Enough said...
Now, my lake getaway.  I'm planning on selling it.  The ad will read as follows:  
Center Hill Lake- 180' degree multimillion dollar view. This is a very rare opportunity for you to own a completely remodled and fully furnished 2 bd. vacation mobile home located in the exclusive Cove Hollow Marina, Tennessee's playground for the rich and famous.  For more information and pictures check out www.patrileys.com or call
1615 397-0297 
I'm also trying to find super cool female roomates and then advertising the Riley's Ranch and Mini Farm as being  "The Exclusive Playground for Songwriters" 
I'm going to an estate sale auction today to perhaps bid on home furnishing etc.
I've written a new song called Down by the Riverside.
My next jazz/latin/world music cd will be out in approx. 1 month. that will be a total of 3 professional cd's in one year.  That's rare!!!!
Alert, I returned from the auction and I bought a real farm tractor with attachments and 2 bbq'q, a smoker, 2 porch swings, pictures, and old rusty metal wheeled seed planter and an 8 ft. long wood bench, plus a vacuum. 
NNNNNNNNEW: The fruit trees are in as well as the Thompson Seedless Grape vines.  My first roommate is moving out, we're not a good match, and it's a mutual decision.   Yeah!!!  Next please!  I finally plowed the garden area. It took awhile to get the tractor working.  Still alot of work to do in general.  Been writing a couple new instrumentals. 
I hope ALL is well with you and your loved ones.  Let me know what's going on in your world.
Peace and love~

New Futon/Bed2

My Friends


Up Close Bluegreen stain w/cedar trim


Partial View from my CABIN

View from Garden Space- OH MY GOooooD :)

Cabin Site- from garden site- COMIN SOON!

My family: Mom, brother and sister

In the Smokey Mountains

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